Australian Bay Lobsters

Australian Bay Lobsters

ALGAE-FREE (QUATTRO®) ULTRASOUND TRIAL – REPORT 1 ABLP Ltd cultures Moreton Bay Bugs at its’ marine production facility located at Chinderah NSW. The facility uses the latest in membrane filtration technology and indoor recirculation aquaculture systems to ensure stringent standards in water quality and temperature are maintained through the production process. The extent of biofilm […]

Elkem Mussel


ALGAEFREE ALPHA 4-ways (QUATTRO®) ELKEM Solar AS, Fiskåveien 100, 4675 Kristiansand, Norway install ALGAEFREE ALPHA 4-ways System in Seawater intake June 2017. The problem that ELKEM Solar has been experiencing, is that we have been plagued with a large number of mussels in the grates and in sea-water pipes, inside the factory. This caused the […]

sete cidades sao miguel azores algae control

Sete Cidades Sao Miguel Azores

Hydro BioScience® QUATTRO® Solar powered Pontoon System 11-14-2018 – Azores President Reviews Environmental Project at Lagoa Verde, Sao Miguel President Vasco Cordeiro, The Azores, Portugal, reviews ongoing work for the preservation of the Azores natural heritage on a lake side visit to Sao Miguel at the Sete Cidades parish (Seven Cities), where he learned of […]

ultrasound algae control for swimming pools

Is your pool making your child’s asthma worse?

Is your pool making your child’s asthma worse? A peer reviewed study in the medical journal Pediatrics suggests that it is. The objective of the study was to estimate the effect on allergic diseases in association with chlorinated pool exposure among adolescents. The study group consisted of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18. […]

harmful algae blooms algae control ultrasound sound waves dpi power


HABs What are Harmful Algae Blooms? Algae are normal components of all aquatic environments. However when they bloom in higher numbers they can deplete the water of oxygen and generate significant toxic byproducts. These blooms are called HABs, algae blooms that have grown in size to a point where they damage the surrounding environment. We […]