Elkem Mussel


ELKEM Solar AS, Fiskåveien 100, 4675 Kristiansand, Norway install ALGAEFREE ALPHA 4-ways System in Seawater intake June 2017.

The problem that ELKEM Solar has been experiencing, is that we have been plagued with a large number of mussels in the grates and in sea-water pipes, inside the factory. This caused the water temperature in heat exchanges to increase. As a result, frequent and costly maintenance control, including regular cleaning of the pipes and grates was required.

Four months after the installation of ALGAEFREE mod. ALPHA 4-ways. Visual inspection of the control suction pool (as well as an examination of other components to look at the weather) there was a reduction number of mussels.
Maintenance Planning Manager, Gert Ivar Gundersen at Elkem Solar AS, said that after the installation almost no more mussels where present. The few mussels that remained, were already dead, as a result of the Ultrasound system. A noted effect was a reduction of bio-film and algae on the walls, so the mussels can no longer get access to food.

ELKEM Solar AS provided this ALGAEFREE ALPHA 4-ways. I am happy to give my approval to be a reference for other businesses that are struggling with the same sea-water and mussel problems that ELKEM Solar AS have had.
Contact person for the references: Maintenance Planning Infrastructure by Elkem Solar AS, Norway is Gert Ivar Gundersen
Mobile phone Norway: + 47 9824 0809
Email: [email protected]

Elkem is one of the world’s leading companies for the environmentally responsible production of materials. Its principal products are silicon, silicones, ferrosilicon, foundry alloys, carbon materials, and microsilica. Elkem has four business areas and about 6200 employees.
Elkem Solar was awarded the “Norwegian climate business of the year 2017”.
Oslo, 31. October 2017: The company was selected as the winner of the award due to its groundbreaking and long-term work with the development of a new production method for solar silicon.