Land Based Solar

Land Based Solar


Hydro Bio-Science® Land Based Solar 60W – 180W Solar Systems provide environmentally safe and efficient control of algae and biofilm growth. Sonic transducer disables algae using critical structural resonance without causing harmful cavitation. Bacterial biofilm growth is controlled by mimicking continuous water turbulence to prevent colonization.

Quickly reduces pH and percentage of total suspended solids
Reduces algae in the intake stream and increases filter run times.
Lowers biofilm growth in process equipment and reduces chlorine usage, THM’s and HAA’s
Improves water taste and reduces water-born odors.

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Introducing The Hydro Bio-Science® Land Based 60W-180 Solar Systems
Lakes and Reservoirs (up to 120 acres/device)
Waste Water Treatment Lagoons
Irrigation Basins
Clarifiers and Sedimentation Basins
UV Chambers
Distribution Water Tanks
Ponds and Pools
Fresh and Marine Aquaculture

System includes:
Solar Panels with 5ft Pole Frame
Float / Flag (If Selected)
Battery box with Battery
Transducer Cable length of your choice up to 30M (98.5ft) – Lengths above 30M (98.5ft) are available and sold separately
All required installation hardware

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